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Welcome to Art by Critter! 

Up until this point, Art by Critter has been a collection of hand painted and wood burned ornaments and watercolor paintings, mostly of states and landmarks. I began this journey in November 2018 on Etsy after much encouragement from my family. I still remember clicking that "publish" button on my first few paintings of Wisconsin that I listed in my shop; I was so nervous!

Through connections I made locally and on Instagram, I slowly expanded beyond Etsy to have a few local shops in Wisconsin carry my art through consignment and wholesale. The best part of this endeavor has been the wonderful small business owners I've met along the way who have welcomed my art into their shops with open arms.  

And then, 2020 came, and I started making quilts; a lot of quilts. I made a few quilts in previous years for my friends' babies, but last year this quickly became my number-one creative outlet. Soon I was making quilts non-stop, signing up to test patterns for designers, buying fabric, finding anyone in my life who "needed a quilt" as a reason to start another one. I have found so much joy and passion for this craft; more than any other art form that I have made. And while making quilts may seem like a drastic pivot from painting and wood burning, my list of art interests has always been a mile long.

In 2021, I'm hoping to see what happens if I allow myself and my little business to evolve. While I find it important to build on things that have worked, I think it's also important to give myself space for a little bit of creative freedom. If 2020 taught us anything, it's that our limited time on earth should be spent doing the things that bring us the most joy!

So with that, here's to a year of making more room for joy!



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